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The Story Behind The Organic Tshirt

Looking back, one tries to understand where it all began. It's only then that you realise that you had always in you what it took to become who you are today.
Before sharing the story of The Organic T-shirt, let me introduce myself and my husband, Sandro.
When we recently moved from Sydney to a tranquil town in the northern Tablelands, I knew we were starting a new journey, our third life. The first chapter of our life ended when I left Italy with my husband and two young children, marking the beginning of our second life in Sydney. For over two decades, I dedicated myself to private practice, driven by my passionate desire to help people through various modalities, such as remedial massage, Reiki, astrology, aromatherapy, and life coaching. I was born in Italy, and my mother, a tailor, made my clothes with beautiful, precious fabrics that lasted for many years.
Sandro comes from the same town as I do. He developed a passion for fashion from a young age, having been introduced to the fabric world by his grandfather, who owned a fabric shop. He worked for fashion companies for many years, building extensive experience in the fashion industry and working for big brands in Italy and Australia.
The Organic Tshirt was created to fill a market gap by reintroducing fashion manufacturing in Australia, as we - Sandro & Stefania - identified that overseas mass production by big corporations was becoming unsustainable for both the fashion industry and the environment.
Large companies focus only on quantity rather than quality, quickly producing high volumes of clothing and making them readily available to the public. To challenge this trend, The Organic Tshirt promotes the slow fashion approach, considering all aspects of supply chains, including people and the environment. 
The Organic Tshirt is a family business based in Glen Innes, NSW. It has a sustainable approach that reduces overstock and produces small quantities of clothing, emphasising manufacturing and printing on demand. It also prioritises style, design, quality, and fair pricing. The quality of our clothing reflects our commitment to excellence, and we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality clothing while minimising our impact on the environment. 
Local manufacturing contributes to sustainability in the fashion industry, and consumers who support local production and locally owned businesses like The Organic Tshirt help keep money spent within Australia. 
By choosing to wear our clothing, our customers are making a conscious choice to support ethical and sustainable practices, and we are proud to be part of this movement towards a more sustainable future. This is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the environment and our customers.
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The Organic Tshirt is a proud Licensee of the Australian Made Campaign and Australian Owned.